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17th Feb 2020

You Are What You Eat

The foods that we eat are assimilated into our bodies, and become our nails, skin cells, and blood. Our health depends on wise nutrition. And in the same way, we are actually becoming-emotionally and spiritually- what we put into our minds; Setting up the foundation of every cell in our body to live. With the next question becoming; What are you eating? Not physically, but spiritually, and musically. Someone once said " You are not what you think you are; but what you think, you are." In today's episode we will find out the answer! And learn how to examine what you are taking in, and clean out our mental fridge and start stocking it with nourishment that befits those with the mind of Christ. 

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Inspiring, entertaining, and practical. Pierre's Podcast is a weekly podcast that is pre-recorded live with Minister Pierre Dushon Mayo at Christian Tabernacle Church, located in Southfield, Michigan. Pierre's messages focus on common everyday life situations and "tests of life" that are regularly encountered; Discussing them to provide practical insight from a biblical perspective with real life solutions and key points that can be easily taken away from his messages, and then applied easily to your life ; Helping you to navigate, conquer, and deal with them. So regardless of who you are ; young , mature, young at heart,a teenager, or young adult. This podcast is for you! So sit back and enjoy as you listen to the gospel and love of Jesus Christ, being shared in such a dynamic and relative way.
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pierre's podcast is a weekly podcast pre-recorded live with Minister Pierre Dushon Mayo at Christian Tabernacle Church in Southfield Michigan. The messages focus on everyday life that people deal with and address it with an entertaining and biblical perspective. So sit back and hear the bible in a practical way.