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20th Feb 2020

The Laws of Relationships- Part 2

Most of us will have atleast one , if not a few, significant relationships in our lifetime. And some of these relationships may be more difficult or challenging simply because we may not know what we are doing or what to expect. But time and experience should help us to navigate through future relationships in a much better way. 

Too many times Christians get into bad relationships expecting God to bless it. But how can he when we are told clearly not to do it in His Word? Are you in one of these relationships? 

Today we will look at what an unhealthy relationship looks like and how they effect us. Also we will discuss why you need to avoid negative relationships, and why some people try to make a relationship happen that God is not in.  

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pierre's podcast is a weekly podcast pre-recorded live with Minister Pierre Dushon Mayo at Christian Tabernacle Church in Southfield Michigan. The messages focus on everyday life that people deal with and address it with an entertaining and biblical perspective. So sit back and hear the bible in a practical way.